Safety Audits, Dentist Visits, Safety Goals

Safety Audits, Dentist Visits, Safety Goals

Taking a toddler to the dentist twice a year doesn’t sound all that bad after you’ve made the first visit or two. They get used to the people, the procedures and the prize afterward. Plus, the fear of something going terribly wrong with their teeth pretty much goes out the door because you know that the maintenance beforehand has helped prevent issues down the road. After the visit we expect the usual, “Keep brushing and don’t forget to floss.”

Now, taking a 12-year-old to the dentist for the first time may be a little more nerve-wracking. It would be for me: braces and retainers aren’t necessarily the cheapest! And who knows how many tooth & gum problems have grown and gotten worse through years of inattention & inaction. The fear of the unknown would be daunting, but nonetheless after the visit there would be a goal-oriented action plan.

This isn’t a blog about taking your kid to the dentist – this is a blog about safety!

Safety audits that are goal-oriented and scheduled regularly are not nearly as frightful as an unexpected visit from OSHA. There’s several benefits to being on a safety audit schedule and don’t worry – starting a schedule isn’t as hard as you may think. The goal for the first audit is goal-setting. It creates a starting point and lets everyone understand what needs improvement. We want to set safety goals, long-term and short-term, and track them throughout the year.

Safety audits by experienced professionals can detect potential hazards before they occur and provide a corrective action that may save lives. A good inspection doesn’t shut production down or even slow production. The inspection process is solely based off observation. We want to see the company in normal working conditions.

At the end of the day, we want everyone to go home safely. That’s our goal everyday! We think that scheduled audits conducted by professionals are crucial to reducing risks in the workplace.